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Oil based mud cooling systems trailer


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Texas Glacier Rentals offers cooling systems for oil based drilling mud and geothermal drilling rigs. Our systems are skid mounted on a 43' drop deck type trailer.

The complete cooling system, electrical control panels and mud pump are all connected on the trailer and ready for hook up at the Jobsite.

Systems are available for long term and short term rent.

Texas Rental Cooling systems are based on over 50 years of direct experience in the heat transfer industry having successfully completed projects around the world.

Our systems can reduce the temperature of your oil based drilling mud 25F or more depending on local conditions and WB (wet bulb) temperature.


  • Cooler Mud temperatures will increase safety of Workers and increase production
  • Cooler mud temperatures reduce temperatures in lines and possible flash point
  • Reduced temperature in triplex mud pumps
  • Reduced equipment down time
  • Increased efficency of MWD tool and less trips out of hole for repairs
  • Cooler mud temperatures will allow drilling bit to operate more efficently and extend life of bit
  • Cooler temperatures downhole
  • Cooler mud surface temperatures and reduce possible injury to workers
  • Cooler mud temperatures improve overall efficency in drilling and can assist in moving cuttings back to top of hole
  • Cooler mud temperatures reduces risk of blowouts, fires and provides an overall safer drilling enviroment

Texas Glaicer Rental Mud coolers will help you drill deeper, safer and cheaper.

For Complete specifications and details contact:
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PO Box 93
Center, Texas 75935
Bob Reeves
936 598 2761