We now carry Sqwincher products!
Ice Merchandisers

Texas Glacier Ice maintains a good inventory of ice merchandisers for your special events or retail location.

Bag Ice

Texas Glacier Ice offers quality, clean, clear package ice in 8lb and 20lb bag sizes. Ice for your retail sales or special events, our delivery personnel will ensure a quality product on time.

Texas Glacier Ice maintains an inventory of hot shot boxes and ice merchandisers. After these are placed on your location, our service personnel will keep the box well maintained and clean.

Texas Glacier Ice is a complete package ice manufacturing plant that produces 40 tons/24hours of tubular style ice.

Ice makers-Two 20 ton/24hour package tubular ice makers, manufactured by C & R Refrigeration Inc. of Center, Texas.

Ice Storage system-moving floor type ice bin Stainless steel screw conveyor system.

Ice Bagging system-Hamer form fill and seal type automatic ice bagging system.

Cold Storage-Cold storage freezer for bag and block ice.